21st July — Thursday, 9:30pm


Gulbenkian Orchestra


Mário Laginha piano

Pedro Neves conductor

Mário Laginha

Concerto for piano and orchestra


Ludwig van Beethoven

5th Symphony in C minor, op.67

Mário Laginha explains that his musical world “is forcibly contaminated by the characteristics that attract me in any style and music”. And in this Concerto for piano and orchestra with 3 movements premiered in 2009 during the Algarve 31st International Music Festival, Laginha does not reject the references of Mozart, Beethoven, Prokofiev or Ravel but also those from jazz or even ethnic music. The first chords from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in C minor, op.67 , premiered in Vienna in 1808, immediately identify one of the most familiar pieces of Western music where all its four movements undulate between a tension and a solemnity that by the end of the piece are dissolved into an overwhelming atmosphere of triumph and magnificence.