13th July — Wednesday, 9:30pm

14th July — Thursday, 9:30pm


Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema

in co-production with Teatro Municipal São Luiz

and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Glorious Summer — Shakespeare Festival

Student's Final Performance

William Shakespeare

Midsummer Night's Dream


Cristina Carvalhal staging

Fernando Villas-Boas translation and dramaturgy

José Álvaro Correia light designing

Sérgio Delgado sound

Maria Repas voice

António Lagarto stage design

Conceição Mendes production

Miguel Cruz light

David Antunes dramaturgy

Jean Paul Bucchieri body movement

António Sofia; Bernardo Lobo Faria; Bruno Bernardo; Carolina Picoito Pinto; Catarina Claro; David Cipriano; Joana Paz; Margarida Correia; Maria Mouga Muge; Mariana Portocarrero; Marta Taborda; Matilde Jalles; Rodrigo de Castro Ribeiro; Sara Miguens e Teresa Alves pupils / players

Sara Caria e Vasco Grou Catarino pupils and stage design

Joana Pato e Sara Maria Teixeira pupils and production

Conceição Costa e Rute Reis production office

This is our first celebration of Shakespeare’s 400 Years of Shakespeare’s death; premiered somewhere bewtween 1594 and 1596 at a time Shakespeare was also busy writing Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream consist of four intertwined plots that tells us the matches and mismatches involving the wedding between Theseus and Hyppolite and the resulting adventures of four enamored Athenians, the incidents of six amateur players, the marital disputes between Oberon and Titania and the magic spells in the moonlight of elves and fairies that inhabit the woods where most of the play takes place. These are the amusing escapades of a most popular play by the greatest Elizabethan playwright now staged by Cristina Carvalhal.