11th July — Monday, 9:30pm


Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra


Nuno Silva clarinet

Pedro Amaral conductor


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Concert for clarinet in A major, K.622


Ludwig van Beethoven

6th Symphony in F major, op.21


Written in 1791, the Concert for clarinet in A major, K.622 was Mozart’s last instrumental work once the composer would die in Vienna on that same year. Its 3 movements are a permanent dialogue between the clarinet and the orchestra that ends with a redeeming tutti as if indifferent to that premonitory melancholy that pervades all the piece. Another melancholic atmosphere – this one bucolic and meditative – radiates from Beethoven’s 6th Symphony in F major premiered in Vienna in 1808. In five movements the so-called “Pastoral” it is one of the most known works of Beethoven’s romantic phase where he attests his deep love for Nature.