8th July — Friday, 9:30pm

9th July — Saturday, 9:30pm


Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

Winds and Percussion Orchestra of The Regional Conservatory of the Arts of Montijo


Pedro Meireles violin

Joana Carneiro conductor


Mário Laginha

Hands on stone, eyes in the sky


Édouard Lalo

Symphonie Espagnole


Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovski

Ouverture 1812


Architects draw in the sky, workers mold the stone fascinated by the chaos of a city in construction. "To fight against the thickness of those walls, against the insurrection of the glance", is a phrase of a Eugénio de Andrade’s poem that sets the tone of Mãos na pedra, olhos no céu a Mário Laginha’s piece written for the João Botelho’s film premiered during the 2001 Oporto European Capital of Culture. Composed much earlier, in 1874, Lalo’s Symphonie Espagnole, op.21 is essentially a concert for violin in five movements which Lalo dedicated to his friend and violin virtuoso Pablo Sarasate and whose apotheotic finale intends to picture a city’s turmoil. Heard for the first time in 1822, Tchaikovski’s Ouverture 1812 closes this programme in another city. It is Moscow celebrating with bells and cannons the retreat of Napoleon’s troops from Russia.